August 30, 2010

Car Hauler Trailer Wanted

Looking for an old car hauler pull behind trailer.

16ft x 6 ft wide. Double Axile with ramps.

Titled. in PA.


August 24, 2010

Saving Jeep Grand Wagoneers

Greetings everyone and Jeep Lovers across the World,
I am on a mission to save all the Jeep Grand Wagoneers from the scrapyards.
Junkers Welcome. Any year. Dead or Alive. All Parts, too! That means Engines,
Trannys, Diffs, Interior. Exterior parts.

My passion is to restore as many of these Jeeps back to their Grand working order condition.
They are well worth the time and effort to restore these beauties.
1969 to 1989. some 1990 and 91 (Only with the Kaiser Grill). 

If you do not want your Jeep Grand Wagoneer please contact me asap.
DO NOT SCRAP the poor thing.

We also include Jeep Commando Trucks with the Wagoneer Grill.