June 27, 2012

SJGWagoneer Club Update.

Hey Club members,
We have a lot of action all of a sudden on the FaceBook page. Lots of Wagoneers for sale. Let's see if we can help our members out and rescue these beauties.  There are 201 members now posting. WOW!

Next week is the Holiday, 4th of July weekend.
We will be out at a few car shows and doing some fishing and BBQ.

Hope you will enjoy the time with your family.

July looks like it will be busy with a lot of car shows and events.

Keep Saving those Jeep Grand Wagoneers!


June 9, 2012

AMC 360 Rebuit Engine on HorsePower TV

Check this out... by Horse Power TV called "Other AMC 360 Engine Build up".


                                              Horse Power TV AMC 360 Rebuilt Engine


June 4, 2012

This is how it's done....The wife's Rebuild

Awesome! Now, this is how you do it Club members!

 Bertha, is the bomb! That is the car!

I love the gals's passion and spunk  in rebuilding the Jeep Grand Wagoneer.

Congradulations to a job well done and with great success!

                                             Bertha....The Wife's Rebuild Wagoneer

Tire Slim for Prevention of Flats

I saw this on "Two Guys Garage"  and thought it was pretty cool for any Off-Roading in our Wagoneers and/or and vehicle we put on the road today.

Check this product out and if you use it let us know if it save your Butt!

Note:  One club members just  emailed us and said it works fine when you are getting a flat. However, if you leave it in the tire it will rot the tire from the inside out. It will get you to the tire store for a new tire or fix.


This is why we love our Club Members!

Super Charge your Jeep

Want to Super Charge your Jeep?
One club member sent this link to us to share.

Note: this is for fuel injection engines.
Although our Wagoneers are super charged as is...many club members have other jeeps...enjoy!