November 29, 2018

New Jeep Truck-HELL NO!

         The Jeep Truck at LA AUTO SHOW this year
                            DO NOT BUY!

The Back Story:
On or around 5 years back our club was ask to participate in a jeep survery on bring back the new Jeep Grand Wagoneer and Jeep Truck. We had over 2K in memberships. 

Did they listen? ....Absolutely not!

Here is an example of NOT Listening to your costumers.
Watch Video at LA AUTO SHOW 2018.


1. It is a stretched Rubicon. It is a "J-L with a bed"- YES!
2. FT Seat /back sit.
       Try to fit you 6'ft 275lbs body into both and feel roomy.
3. Truck bed is only 5ft box. 6 with tail down.
        Why not make back seat a crew cab and extend bed to 6Ft?
4. No rock guards under engine.
5. There is no comparission with a Willy Overland. You better off
     rebuilding an old Overland.
6. As far as Dana 44. Get yourself an old Jeep Grand Wagoneer and  rebuild it with upgrade kit from your local Mopar or Jeep parts store.
***(I have 2 Wagoneer parts cars sitting in PA for $500/each )
7. What did he mean by: "Very Limited Driving"???
8. For the price they should have put the 37 in tire on it instead of you having to pay another couple thousand for new new tires.
9. Those flared out fenders would be the first thing to get wiped off the truck where we go 4 wheeling!!!!
10. A Truck is a Truck. You should be able to haul all your shit plus lumber....What are you saying? It's a "Fluff" Truck for Sissys!
11. That step up piece on the bumper will get caught in all the small brush and rip the back bumper right off. A Bully pup step up or one that tucks under the frame would be more practical.
12. Oh, the back seat on the so called overland is roomy but not on the so called jeep gladiator.
13. Front grill is a lie. It's plastic. You want more air you put a better rad or air filter.
14. Aluminum for Off Road. Bring your ball peen hammer!
15. Don't know the price or fuel economy. SAY WHAT?

Give me a REAL JEEP TRUCK any day!

the end.