July 19, 2015

Medical Leave

I will be on medical leave starting July 20,2015.
be back at a later date:
Team Grand Wagoneer code for discount is

Here ya go...don't forget to post your projects progress and if you get
stuck just let the membership know and they can help you out since they
have been down that road before...

1. Montana Overland, George. say you are a SJGW club member. 10% discount.
2. BJ's Off Road. you have to email Ryan-president and let him know you are a
    member and you get 10-15% depending on what you order and he will adjust it
   on the invoice.
3.Team Grand Wagoneer-10% they want you to use this code.***.GW03201310.
there should be a place on the online order form. If not you can call them.
If you have any problems let me know. So far everyone has been pleased.

Thanks for Saving A Waggy