November 29, 2011

Safety Trailer Hitch Product for your Jeep Grand Wagoneer

Hello Club Members,
I would like you to check out this Safety Trailer Hitch product by Karl Pratt.
He is the inventor.

Since we JGW lovers know our vehicle can tow a house, this product would be a NO-Brainer!

I just got wind of it when I was watching the Sema Convention on new products for car/trucks on Monster Garage with my two Old Buddies!

Here is Karl's link:    Safety Sentry Inc.


I'm going to get one for my Gypsy Trailer. If anyone already has one let other club members know how it's working for you.

Keep on Saving those Jeep Grand Wagoneers! YA!YA!

JGW now in Magazines AD

            Our member Katie found this picture in Vera Bradley Magazines. YA!YA!

                                                      You can't beat that!

November 28, 2011

JGW now seen in a Zales Jewery Commercial

Looks like the Advertising Market World likes Jeep Grand Wagoneers. And why not? The Wagoneers have Style and Grace. Check out the Zales Jewery TV Commercial  for the Holidays. You will see the wagoneer for a brief second in the beginning and the another shot of it at the end. If you Blink you might miss it. Hollywood also have been putting the Jeep Grand Wagoneers in a lot of their movies, too.


So Club Members keep SAVING those JEEP GRAND WAGONEERS where and whenever you can. Pass the word around to all your friends. Let's keep "the Mission" Alive!  YA!YA!

November 22, 2011

JGW featured on The Today Show going to Martha's House!

The Jeep Grand Wagoneer drove Matt, Al, Anne, Natalie to Martha's House on the Today Show this morning. Check out the video on NBC website.

Martha Stewart invites TODAY to her home

The TODAY family visited Martha Stewartâ?Ts house in Bedford, New York to help the ultimate hostess prepare a memorable Thanksgiving feast.


                                Happy Turkey Day to All Club Members!