August 28, 2016

Waggy Should get the Oscars for best Movie Props!

               Another Movie makes the list for
                 "Finding a Wagoneer" in films.

                                  We Love it!

      See if you can spot this one in "The 5th Wave".


August 21, 2016

Back in the Movies!

Can you spot the Jeep Grand Wagoneer in Furious 7?

                      Hint: in tunnel with bus.



August 19, 2016

Fact or Fiction You make the call!

                         Here is an article on
            how the Wagoneer got it's wood on.
                       Very Interesting Theory. 
                         What do you think?

                                          Truck Yea Article on Waggy


August 4, 2016


                   HERE WE GO OHIO!
            If you have never been to one of these
                             "Jeep Jams" 
                            you got to go.
                          You will be hooked!

                             JEEP JAM NET


Product Review by Jeep and Me

Here  is  product review by a Jeepster who Loves His Waggy!

                                          Jeep and Me Product Review