March 24, 2011

Anther Pic of Selling "Mr.Bob" Restore Project.

Mr Bob is on the Left!

Note: still can't get this browser picture thing to upload. I am going to try to post the pictures below.

Selling "MR Bob" Restore Project.

Incase anyone is interested, we are sell "MR.Bob" Restore Project for what we have into it right now.
As I state in my blog, we are committed to restoring these Jeeps to showcase quaility. If your intentions are
Honorable,which I am sure there are, we only sell the vehicles for the amt of money we put into into them.
Here is the project and statics:
I will sell you "Mr. Bob"(nickname).
Here is the Invoice so far:
1. Bought for $800.00.
2. Registration PA title =$100.00.
3. Tune up =$80.00.
4. Tires =$100.00( used plenty of tread above dimes head).
5. Rocker Panesl New and still in box unopen($225.00 that included $50 shipping).
6. Towing $80 + $20.00 =$100.00
Total so far =$1405.00
Color = Burgundy Redish.
If you still want to restore this beauty of a work horse let me know?
I also know a company that will create a new engine and tranny to your door for under the amt that it would
take you to rebuild it yourself. The company headquarters is in Tennessee but they have a warehouse
in Pittsburgh, PA. I have to dig that phone out for you. They can deliever anywhere in USA!
Restore projects on Mr Bob=
1. needs major body work.(check out blog on what this guy did on his from Youtube).
2. valve job.
3. 4 x wheel overhaul transfer case.
4. Brakes all work but I would redo pads and wheel bearings.
5. overhall and  clean up on interior.
6. new paint job.
Also: all electrical works. windows, doors, lights. horn.Back window needs some help.
I was getting it ready to pass inspection.
I will send you the vin# if you want to carfax it.
There it is in a nut shell.
If you are interested call me ASAP!
Thank You for your restore intested in Jeep Grand Wagoneers!
PS: You can contact me on the cell # 814-389-6119 for any questions.
Question #1: Frame Condition . YES the frame will pass Inspection. It was patched with steel plate at left Rear and Right Rear frame by a mechanic that inspections cars/trucks at the garage. Note: these jeeps always, without fail, rust in the rear frames.

Ok, I am trying to upload my pictures but the browser seems to be stuck so as soon as I can get it unstuck email me and I can send them in an attachment.  Thanks.

March 7, 2011

"techno jeep" Hot off the WILD!

Now this is very creative "techno jeep" music.

Hot off of Go Gearheads.



Here's your chance to get your Ride restored Free!

Pass this information along to all you gear and block head and  rat rodders etc!

PowerBlock TV is having a contest to Restore your vehicle.
Check out their website and sign up.



We entered our Jeep Grand Wagoneers. YA!YA!