August 20, 2011

REquest for a Monthly newletter.

WE have been asked to put a monthly newsletter together. Any ideas for a format? We are open for suggestions.

The one I like is having contacts in each state locate each other and get to jeeping once a month!

Another is, your project hints. What works. What doesn't.

Boondocking for Jeeps.

Any more???

August 10, 2011

Elk County Fair Mud Run on August 12th at 6:00Pm.

See Ya'll there!


August 9, 2011

Labor Day Cool Car Truck and Motorcycle Show

LABor Day Cool Car Truck and Motorcycle Show in Beautiful San Diego, CA.

 Mark your calendars! YA!YA!

 ps: I tried to get a link but their website was doing funny things :(