May 25, 2012

Club Zippo Lighter Update

Update of the Custom Zippo lighter:

Ok, I got all the information on try to get the cost down on the Jeep Grand Wagoneer's Club Zippo ligher...They are not set up to do individual orders of one product over the internet. So the only way I can get you one is you send me the money and I customize the zipper and send it back to you. It is a Bummer to do it this way. However, I will take the time to do it if anyone wants a lighter.

NOTE: I got my lighter yesterday ! It was really worth it!. Looks really cool. As soon as I get my camera fixed I will get a picture on the site for you. I am very satisfied and Happy that Zippo can customize a Club lighter for us.

Club Member visits Wagoneer Graveyard on Vacation!

Are Club members are Awesome! We are a breed of our own as the saying goes.

Club member Katie Sullivan actually went to visit George from Montana Overland(Wagoneer Graveyard for parts)! Now, only a Wagoneer lover would put that on sites to visit while on vacation.
"Thanks to your mention of Montana Overland, I built in some time to visit during my recent cross-country move. George and his son Chad couldn't have been nicer! Thanks so much for the incredible tip! I'll always remember my time in Big Sky Country!Montana Overland" KS.
Remember: George and sons will give us a discount when you mention our Saving Jeep Grand Wagoneer's Club.

May 23, 2012

Jeep Recall

Attention Club members,
Although it's not a Jeep Grand's still a safety issue that you should all be aware of.
Pass this one on to your fellow Jeepers.

                                                                  Jeep Recall Link

May 21, 2012

We are back in Commercials again!

Club members,
I just entered Chrysler Commercial promo to win a new van to promote Saving Jeep Grand Wagoneers. YA!YA!

Note: It says you have to vote for your choice of worthy causes.
So Let's give one vote to our club!


Advertisers love the Wagoneers!
Last night Jeep Grand Wagoneers was driven to the max in the new "Hopper" commerical.
Round and round she goes.

Lovn it!!!
Keep Saving those Jeep Grand Wagoneers, Partners!

May 14, 2012

Never leave home without this tool!


                                                                       CAr Humor



May 11, 2012

Car Show in the high Desert of California June 2,2012

Hey Club members in California, Neveda, Arizona and surrounding areas.
Big Car Show on June 2, 2012.

                                          KRAMER AMTIQUES DARR MILITARY

       Kramer Antiques

May 10, 2012

ZIPPO LIGHTERS for Club members

Hey Wagoneer Members,
I just placed a customized order for "Saving Jeep Grand Wagoneers" with Zippo Lighter Company.

I put the name of the Club and a pic of a Wagoneer.
I am excited to see how it turns out.

Out of Pocket price is around $50.00 for custom.

I just fired off an email to company to see if You can order it directly from their website.
I'll keep you posted.

Here is there website if you want to check them out...

Note: this is a sample of the one I customized for the Wagoneer's Club only with a picture of the Jeep Grand Wagoneer and the name in white letters. Looking Sharp!

                                                          Zippo Lighters