March 6, 2018

HGTV "HOME TOWN" Ben and Erin have a "WAGGY"

                              They saved a Wagoneer!

            "Home Town of HGTV show tonight (march 05, 2018) 
      episode with An Artist Family who bought a farm house in 
      Mississippi is where you will see them riding in a mint 
                                 Jeep Grand Wagoneer.

NOTE: Tonight's episode is not yet posted. When it does check it out!


2018 Tips for Replacing your Wood Grain.

        Sometimes the Universe just send you tips out of the blue.

                         Here is one....checkout Mr. Kern's Blog.

                                          Great Jeep lover.
                         Wagoneers are at the top of his list, too!

    Want to replace your Jeep Grand Wagoneer Woodgrain?



March 5, 2018

Got Hit by 2 Nor-Eastern's We are back!


             We got hit twice. That's why we haven't been on. 

                                         We are back. 


                   Got some great tips and Waggy Saving updates.