December 19, 2018

Sandra Bullock's New Movie costarring Mr. Wagoneer!

Sandra Bullock's movie called "Bird Box' is a Thriller!

Her new co-star is Mr. Wagoneer.
What an actor!
HE pays the full price in the end.
I am hoping Props used a "Beater" Car!

There is the Trailer.


November 29, 2018

New Jeep Truck-HELL NO!

         The Jeep Truck at LA AUTO SHOW this year
                            DO NOT BUY!

The Back Story:
On or around 5 years back our club was ask to participate in a jeep survery on bring back the new Jeep Grand Wagoneer and Jeep Truck. We had over 2K in memberships. 

Did they listen? ....Absolutely not!

Here is an example of NOT Listening to your costumers.
Watch Video at LA AUTO SHOW 2018.


1. It is a stretched Rubicon. It is a "J-L with a bed"- YES!
2. FT Seat /back sit.
       Try to fit you 6'ft 275lbs body into both and feel roomy.
3. Truck bed is only 5ft box. 6 with tail down.
        Why not make back seat a crew cab and extend bed to 6Ft?
4. No rock guards under engine.
5. There is no comparission with a Willy Overland. You better off
     rebuilding an old Overland.
6. As far as Dana 44. Get yourself an old Jeep Grand Wagoneer and  rebuild it with upgrade kit from your local Mopar or Jeep parts store.
***(I have 2 Wagoneer parts cars sitting in PA for $500/each )
7. What did he mean by: "Very Limited Driving"???
8. For the price they should have put the 37 in tire on it instead of you having to pay another couple thousand for new new tires.
9. Those flared out fenders would be the first thing to get wiped off the truck where we go 4 wheeling!!!!
10. A Truck is a Truck. You should be able to haul all your shit plus lumber....What are you saying? It's a "Fluff" Truck for Sissys!
11. That step up piece on the bumper will get caught in all the small brush and rip the back bumper right off. A Bully pup step up or one that tucks under the frame would be more practical.
12. Oh, the back seat on the so called overland is roomy but not on the so called jeep gladiator.
13. Front grill is a lie. It's plastic. You want more air you put a better rad or air filter.
14. Aluminum for Off Road. Bring your ball peen hammer!
15. Don't know the price or fuel economy. SAY WHAT?

Give me a REAL JEEP TRUCK any day!

the end.


October 4, 2018

Hollywood and The Wagoneer

                                 WE LOVE HOLLYWOOD!

       The presence of the Jeep Grand Wagoneer on the Silver Screen
                                 should win the next Academy Award.

         Here we are in the Halloween Fun Movie:
                         "Goosebumps 2".
               Showing in  theaters in Oct 12,2018.


    Here is another site that has a list of Wagoneers 
                             in a few Movies.
   Includes pictures and dates plus the Movie titles.
(name this movie)



August 14, 2018

Why The Wagoneers are Worth It?

                     Folks, this is the BIG reasons why we "Save"
                                   The Jeep Grand Wagoneers. 

                                      Check out this article.


Here is the video.

the end.

July 1, 2018

Samuel Adams Summer Ale Saves a Wagoneer!

             Samuel Adams Summer Ale Saves a Waggy!

   Nice white Jeep Grand Wagoneer makes the commercial shine.

                                         check it out 

                  Samuel Adams summer Ale Commerical


June 19, 2018

3 Wagoneer Parts cars for Sale in Pennsylvania

                 Grand Wagoneers for sale in Pennsylvania.
                                      Clean Titles
            1985 and 1986  and 1987 Jeep Grand Wagoneers.
                                   (Update:  1. Sold.)

                                               The Good:
                                                         1. Engines are 360 AMC.
                                                         2. Transfer case and Tranny all there.
                                                         3. Front Diff is Dana 44.
                                                         4. Rear Diff is Dana 20.
                                                         5. Interior all there

                                                The Bad:
                                                         1. Body and Frame rusted.
                                                         2. Tires shot.
                                                         3. May have critters!

Note: A lot of Jeepsters are using the Dana44 and changing the gears for their Jeep Wranglers and mudders and off road trucking.

                          Price Each is Firm ....... $500.00
                            Text Albert @ 814-389-6119
                     Location: Wilcox, Pennsylvania 15870

By the way, owner says "The Scotty" is NOT for sale.
His not want to sell it price is $3K.
Has Clean Title. Had to go through a Lawyer.


May 25, 2018


         Get your tickets early! Best Event for Jeeps ever!
                                  See you there!


2017 Recap of The Bantam Jeep Festival




May 6, 2018


   Jay is selling his solid parts Jeep Grand Wagoneer.
             Here are the statics:
                                           1.  Vehicle from Texas.
                                           2. NO TITLE.
                                           3. NO Front Axile.
                                           4. Interior stripped.
                                           5. Transmission not working.
                                           6. Engine AMC 360. not working,
                                           7. YEAR 1986.
                                           8. Tires 15 inch.
                          The Good:
                                            1. A NO Rust Frame.
                                            2. Solid Body.
                                            3. Roof Rack.
                                            4. Metal Bumper.

                                               ASKING PRICE IS FIRM......$500.00

                                          LOCATION: Dubois, Pennsylvania. 15801

                                  TEXT JAY @ 814-5918275

The End

April 22, 2018


                                  WHAT A FIND!


                         From the Kerrville, Texas Gang!



Club Member Kenny Selling his MINT Wagoneer!

                          FOLKS, THIS ONE IS MINT!

                          Check out everything on Ebay.


                          NORTH CAROLINA SPECIAL

                         1987 Jeep Grand Wagoneer in MInt!


March 6, 2018

HGTV "HOME TOWN" Ben and Erin have a "WAGGY"

                              They saved a Wagoneer!

            "Home Town of HGTV show tonight (march 05, 2018) 
      episode with An Artist Family who bought a farm house in 
      Mississippi is where you will see them riding in a mint 
                                 Jeep Grand Wagoneer.

NOTE: Tonight's episode is not yet posted. When it does check it out!


2018 Tips for Replacing your Wood Grain.

        Sometimes the Universe just send you tips out of the blue.

                         Here is one....checkout Mr. Kern's Blog.

                                          Great Jeep lover.
                         Wagoneers are at the top of his list, too!

    Want to replace your Jeep Grand Wagoneer Woodgrain?



March 5, 2018

Got Hit by 2 Nor-Eastern's We are back!


             We got hit twice. That's why we haven't been on. 

                                         We are back. 


                   Got some great tips and Waggy Saving updates.