November 23, 2012

Film Documentary Project for Waggy!

You heard it right!

One of our Club members, Katie Sullivan, is working on a Film documentary on Saving the Jeep Grand Wagoneer.

She is looking for sponsors /producers for the Independent film.
So if any one knows any one to network with or sponsor please let Katie know.
It would be awesome to be at "SUNDANCE"

Here is her Project site:

Katie also won 2nd place at the "Batham Jeep Festival" at Buter, PA. Home of the founder of the jeep.
Here is her request letter:
"Hi! Happy Turkey Day!

Right now I'm working on securing funding for the project. I have 5 years of experience working with Public Television, so that's an avenue I'll definitely try to pursue.

There are no guarantees when presenting an idea for broadcast as an independent, freelance producer, but I'll keep trying. Clara, my Waggy, pushes me forward - in a good way. ;-);-)

You're welcome to post the link to the documentary concept website. Maybe you could announce that it's in the works, that it needs support, and suggest that folks check it out to learn more about it? Generating a buzz about it will help it gain momentum.

You're awesome! And your incredibly kind post made my day!

I'll keep you posted on it's progress.


November 20, 2012

Happy Turkey Day

A very  BIG Thank you to all Club Members for making Saving Jeep Grand Wagoneer's Club a great website and Club.  We have become International. We have Wagoneer lovers all over the World. That is just amazing!

"Waggys" are our Passion.

On this week, we want to give thanks and prayers to all the people effected by SuperStorm Sandy and we do want to have PEACE and LOVE in our lives.

Keep Saving those Jeep Grand Wagoneers.

Head out for a ride and be Happy and Enjoy!


November 10, 2012

Turkey Run for the Weekend

Getting ready for  the Turkey Run weekend.

Oh, Look what got saved.