December 19, 2011

Merry Christmas to all Members.

Blessings to all religions and/or celebrations that your family believes in; or not.

We will be gone for the Holidays.

Back the first of next year....January 2012!



Keep Saving those Jeep Grand Wagoneers!

November 29, 2011

Safety Trailer Hitch Product for your Jeep Grand Wagoneer

Hello Club Members,
I would like you to check out this Safety Trailer Hitch product by Karl Pratt.
He is the inventor.

Since we JGW lovers know our vehicle can tow a house, this product would be a NO-Brainer!

I just got wind of it when I was watching the Sema Convention on new products for car/trucks on Monster Garage with my two Old Buddies!

Here is Karl's link:    Safety Sentry Inc.


I'm going to get one for my Gypsy Trailer. If anyone already has one let other club members know how it's working for you.

Keep on Saving those Jeep Grand Wagoneers! YA!YA!

JGW now in Magazines AD

            Our member Katie found this picture in Vera Bradley Magazines. YA!YA!

                                                      You can't beat that!

November 28, 2011

JGW now seen in a Zales Jewery Commercial

Looks like the Advertising Market World likes Jeep Grand Wagoneers. And why not? The Wagoneers have Style and Grace. Check out the Zales Jewery TV Commercial  for the Holidays. You will see the wagoneer for a brief second in the beginning and the another shot of it at the end. If you Blink you might miss it. Hollywood also have been putting the Jeep Grand Wagoneers in a lot of their movies, too.


So Club Members keep SAVING those JEEP GRAND WAGONEERS where and whenever you can. Pass the word around to all your friends. Let's keep "the Mission" Alive!  YA!YA!

November 22, 2011

JGW featured on The Today Show going to Martha's House!

The Jeep Grand Wagoneer drove Matt, Al, Anne, Natalie to Martha's House on the Today Show this morning. Check out the video on NBC website.

Martha Stewart invites TODAY to her home

The TODAY family visited Martha Stewartâ?Ts house in Bedford, New York to help the ultimate hostess prepare a memorable Thanksgiving feast.


                                Happy Turkey Day to All Club Members!

October 19, 2011

WE Secured a Garage...Finally!

We finally, after 3 years of searching, secured a 15x30 ft garage.
It has electric, lights, work bench and heat source. We have to
supply the camp stove.
Month to month lease.
Even has steel beams which can hold and engine pull out.
15minutes from the house.

I am dancing at my computer. I am so happy to now have a garage
to work the majic of restoring my Jeep Grand Wagoneers.

I am jazzed!

October 7, 2011

Oct Update

Slow go for Oct 2011. Nothing on the calendar yet.

Note; Mud run in Kersey was a blast. It took us 3 days to get the mud out of the jeep!

In the meantime, please check us out on the Face.

Keep Saving those Jeep Grand Wagoneers!  YA!YA!

September 29, 2011

JEEP 4 X 4 JAMBOREE in Kersey, PA This Saturday!

Starting at 1:00PM.

Elk County Riders

JEEP 4X4 JAMBOREE in Kersey, PA!

Sat. Oct 01, 2011.

"It is on (141 Gahr Road ) behind Jireh Lanes. If you go through downtown Kersey, turn right at the road beside The Corner Market. Make the first left and follow the road down until you see the ECR track. It will be on the left." there is a $10.00 entry fee. $20 for Mudding reg.

Should be a lot of mud slinging and fun.

September 23, 2011

Jeep Classifieds

Jeep Classifieds Attention all Club members from "Saving Jeep Grand Wagoneers"! We are Co-Partnering with Jason at Free-Jeep Classifies. Please check out his site and save all the Jeep Grand Wagoneers from the scrap yards. You can also post your Wagoneer for sale or look and see who is selling these beauties. Thank you Jason for letting us sell/buy from our Club.

September 16, 2011

ARE You Selling you Jeep Grand Wagoneer?

Got a couple of emails of people want to list their Jeep Grand Wagoneers for sale on our blog.

I think that is a terrific idea.

We will create a link page for that.
Give us some time to figure it on the blog.

Let's network for the sale of these beautiful jeeps! YA!YA!

September 13, 2011

We Have Gone International!

WoW!  we have gone International. We have a Club Fan from Japan. now signed on the Face!

1. Japan-2 members.
2. Australia-2 members.
3. England.
4. Amsterdam, Netherlands-2 members.
5. Switzerland-1 member.

September 7, 2011


Here is an idea we want to grow in our club.

We are calling it the "HOOK-UP" page.

You can request a Jeep Grand Wagoneer "Hook-Up" in your town, city or state.

Got the idea from one of our FB Club members.

So send me an email and I'll get your "Hook-Up" posted.
You can check in weekly for the rides.


August 20, 2011

REquest for a Monthly newletter.

WE have been asked to put a monthly newsletter together. Any ideas for a format? We are open for suggestions.

The one I like is having contacts in each state locate each other and get to jeeping once a month!

Another is, your project hints. What works. What doesn't.

Boondocking for Jeeps.

Any more???

August 10, 2011

Elk County Fair Mud Run on August 12th at 6:00Pm.

See Ya'll there!


August 9, 2011

Labor Day Cool Car Truck and Motorcycle Show

LABor Day Cool Car Truck and Motorcycle Show in Beautiful San Diego, CA.

 Mark your calendars! YA!YA!

 ps: I tried to get a link but their website was doing funny things :(

July 18, 2011

Sister site is selling their Bikermama Leather Cleaning Formula.-out of biz Sale!

Our sister site is sell their business.

You heard it right! We are SELLING Bikermama Leather Cleaning Formula! You can make a much better formula for under $20 bucks yourself using cow oil instead of sheeps oil, which they put in harley products.

We are selling because we have another business project on the horizon and it needs more work than we can afford to go to biker events.

WE will sell you a kit to get started on making your on products.

The kit will include:

1. Formula receipt.
2. A list of all the suppliers and their contacts.
3. A bottle of our Leather Cleaning Formula(until we run out of our supplies).
4. Shipping costs.
5. Cost of Kit ...$40.00 US Dolalrs only!

Please send cash only or PO Money order to our address in "contact information".
Thank you and Good Luck,

July 1, 2011

Saving Jeep Grand Wagoneers Club

Saving Jeep Grand Wagoneers Club on Facebook now has 35 members.  Wow! Who would have thought we are world-wide.  It has come to our attention that Wagoneers would like to start helping each other out.
So we want to encourage you to post on our Facebook page what you need and what state you are in.  So let's network the hell out of this and keep growing to save these beauties from the scrap yards.

Feel free to post what you need and let's keep connecting.


Note: Try this link otherwise hit the FB link below on the right!

June 4, 2011

Gypsy Trailer Project

This summer we are starting the Gypsy Trailer project.
Mr. Bob will be next.  His offer still stands if someone wants to have a jeep project.
In the meantime we are looking for old trailer frames. Give us a call.

Once again, Please do not scrap these Jeep Grand Wagoneers.

Getting lots of cool ideas.

May 14, 2011

New posting on Upillar

Ok, Mr. BoB got listed on Upillar. let's see how we do nationwide.
We are working on the Gypsy Trailer right now.  due to time constrants and capitol.

We are getting bookingsfor the summer on the leather cleaning products.
Please check the meets and show events schedules on Bikermama Leather Cleaning.

Sorry this is short we have a big garage sale coming up this Sat. May 21, 2011.


March 24, 2011

Anther Pic of Selling "Mr.Bob" Restore Project.

Mr Bob is on the Left!

Note: still can't get this browser picture thing to upload. I am going to try to post the pictures below.

Selling "MR Bob" Restore Project.

Incase anyone is interested, we are sell "MR.Bob" Restore Project for what we have into it right now.
As I state in my blog, we are committed to restoring these Jeeps to showcase quaility. If your intentions are
Honorable,which I am sure there are, we only sell the vehicles for the amt of money we put into into them.
Here is the project and statics:
I will sell you "Mr. Bob"(nickname).
Here is the Invoice so far:
1. Bought for $800.00.
2. Registration PA title =$100.00.
3. Tune up =$80.00.
4. Tires =$100.00( used plenty of tread above dimes head).
5. Rocker Panesl New and still in box unopen($225.00 that included $50 shipping).
6. Towing $80 + $20.00 =$100.00
Total so far =$1405.00
Color = Burgundy Redish.
If you still want to restore this beauty of a work horse let me know?
I also know a company that will create a new engine and tranny to your door for under the amt that it would
take you to rebuild it yourself. The company headquarters is in Tennessee but they have a warehouse
in Pittsburgh, PA. I have to dig that phone out for you. They can deliever anywhere in USA!
Restore projects on Mr Bob=
1. needs major body work.(check out blog on what this guy did on his from Youtube).
2. valve job.
3. 4 x wheel overhaul transfer case.
4. Brakes all work but I would redo pads and wheel bearings.
5. overhall and  clean up on interior.
6. new paint job.
Also: all electrical works. windows, doors, lights. horn.Back window needs some help.
I was getting it ready to pass inspection.
I will send you the vin# if you want to carfax it.
There it is in a nut shell.
If you are interested call me ASAP!
Thank You for your restore intested in Jeep Grand Wagoneers!
PS: You can contact me on the cell # 814-389-6119 for any questions.
Question #1: Frame Condition . YES the frame will pass Inspection. It was patched with steel plate at left Rear and Right Rear frame by a mechanic that inspections cars/trucks at the garage. Note: these jeeps always, without fail, rust in the rear frames.

Ok, I am trying to upload my pictures but the browser seems to be stuck so as soon as I can get it unstuck email me and I can send them in an attachment.  Thanks.

March 7, 2011

"techno jeep" Hot off the WILD!

Now this is very creative "techno jeep" music.

Hot off of Go Gearheads.



Here's your chance to get your Ride restored Free!

Pass this information along to all you gear and block head and  rat rodders etc!

PowerBlock TV is having a contest to Restore your vehicle.
Check out their website and sign up.



We entered our Jeep Grand Wagoneers. YA!YA!

February 14, 2011

Electo Plating your parts.

We found this great place out of TN.
Check them out.  Called "Advanced Plating".

They will even put copper plating on your parts!

February 10, 2011

Ok Back to Business!

We just received Ian Roussels's "Hot Rods, Rat Rods & Kustom Kulture: Back From Dead " and viewed it twice. Now, this is what we are talking about in doing a Rat Rod. We like this guy a lot because he is "OLD SCHOOL".  He had some pretty good ideas. Here is the link for his DVD. Can you believe that Wally Mart has it for $4.50 + shipping?  Hell, the shipping cost more than the dvd. It's all good. Put this one in your library.   
                                  LINK :Back From the Dead DVD