July 18, 2011

Sister site is selling their Bikermama Leather Cleaning Formula.-out of biz Sale!

Our sister site is sell their business.

You heard it right! We are SELLING Bikermama Leather Cleaning Formula! You can make a much better formula for under $20 bucks yourself using cow oil instead of sheeps oil, which they put in harley products.

We are selling because we have another business project on the horizon and it needs more work than we can afford to go to biker events.

WE will sell you a kit to get started on making your on products.

The kit will include:

1. Formula receipt.
2. A list of all the suppliers and their contacts.
3. A bottle of our Leather Cleaning Formula(until we run out of our supplies).
4. Shipping costs.
5. Cost of Kit ...$40.00 US Dolalrs only!

Please send cash only or PO Money order to our address in "contact information".
Thank you and Good Luck,

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