June 19, 2018

3 Wagoneer Parts cars for Sale in Pennsylvania

                 Grand Wagoneers for sale in Pennsylvania.
                                      Clean Titles
            1985 and 1986  and 1987 Jeep Grand Wagoneers.
                                   (Update:  1. Sold.)

                                               The Good:
                                                         1. Engines are 360 AMC.
                                                         2. Transfer case and Tranny all there.
                                                         3. Front Diff is Dana 44.
                                                         4. Rear Diff is Dana 20.
                                                         5. Interior all there

                                                The Bad:
                                                         1. Body and Frame rusted.
                                                         2. Tires shot.
                                                         3. May have critters!

Note: A lot of Jeepsters are using the Dana44 and changing the gears for their Jeep Wranglers and mudders and off road trucking.

                          Price Each is Firm ....... $500.00
                            Text Albert @ 814-389-6119
                     Location: Wilcox, Pennsylvania 15870

By the way, owner says "The Scotty" is NOT for sale.
His not want to sell it price is $3K.
Has Clean Title. Had to go through a Lawyer.