November 11, 2014

Look Who's In A Waggy....

                                                Look who's in a waggy!
               Anthony Bourdain rolled through Massachusetts
              during last night's episode (Season 4, Episode 7)
              of Parts Unknown...

November 3, 2014

We've lost a Great and Funny Car Guy today....RIP!


         Tom Magliozzi from NPR radio,"Click and Clack the Tappet Brothers"  Car Talk.


                                        Click and Clack Car Show NPR radio


His brother wrote a beautiful letter:

It is with great sadness that I share the news that my older brother and co-host, Tom, has passed away at the age of 77, from complications of Alzheimer’s disease.  His decline was very quick, and it caught us all by surprise.  

Even in my grief, I am thankful for a number of things.  One is that Tom really lived the life he wanted to live.  He spent his time inventing zany theories, talking to you guys every week on the radio show, and primarily, laughing his butt off.  Now there’s a life. 

I’m also grateful that Tom spent so much of his life with me in front of a microphone.  So we will always have thousands of hours of the two of us taking calls from our listeners, and having as much fun as any two people should be allowed to have at something called “work."  I can think of no better tribute to him than allowing people to continue to listen to these programs.

Finally, I am grateful that I have so many of you with whom to share my sadness this week.  Many of you welcomed us both into your homes and cars, and enjoyed visiting with us as much as we enjoyed visiting with you, and making your car problems worse. 

If you have thoughts or remembrances you wish to share, I invite you to do so here.  Or, if you’re otherwise inclined, in lieu of flowers or rotten fish, I’m sure Tom would be honored if you decided to make a small contribution to your favorite public radio station or to the Alzheimer's Association in his memory.  

We’re using our website,, as our communal gathering place this week, so please join us there if you like.

With gratitude,

    Ray Magliozzi