March 24, 2011

Selling "MR Bob" Restore Project.

Incase anyone is interested, we are sell "MR.Bob" Restore Project for what we have into it right now.
As I state in my blog, we are committed to restoring these Jeeps to showcase quaility. If your intentions are
Honorable,which I am sure there are, we only sell the vehicles for the amt of money we put into into them.
Here is the project and statics:
I will sell you "Mr. Bob"(nickname).
Here is the Invoice so far:
1. Bought for $800.00.
2. Registration PA title =$100.00.
3. Tune up =$80.00.
4. Tires =$100.00( used plenty of tread above dimes head).
5. Rocker Panesl New and still in box unopen($225.00 that included $50 shipping).
6. Towing $80 + $20.00 =$100.00
Total so far =$1405.00
Color = Burgundy Redish.
If you still want to restore this beauty of a work horse let me know?
I also know a company that will create a new engine and tranny to your door for under the amt that it would
take you to rebuild it yourself. The company headquarters is in Tennessee but they have a warehouse
in Pittsburgh, PA. I have to dig that phone out for you. They can deliever anywhere in USA!
Restore projects on Mr Bob=
1. needs major body work.(check out blog on what this guy did on his from Youtube).
2. valve job.
3. 4 x wheel overhaul transfer case.
4. Brakes all work but I would redo pads and wheel bearings.
5. overhall and  clean up on interior.
6. new paint job.
Also: all electrical works. windows, doors, lights. horn.Back window needs some help.
I was getting it ready to pass inspection.
I will send you the vin# if you want to carfax it.
There it is in a nut shell.
If you are interested call me ASAP!
Thank You for your restore intested in Jeep Grand Wagoneers!
PS: You can contact me on the cell # 814-389-6119 for any questions.
Question #1: Frame Condition . YES the frame will pass Inspection. It was patched with steel plate at left Rear and Right Rear frame by a mechanic that inspections cars/trucks at the garage. Note: these jeeps always, without fail, rust in the rear frames.

Ok, I am trying to upload my pictures but the browser seems to be stuck so as soon as I can get it unstuck email me and I can send them in an attachment.  Thanks.


  1. hi i was wondering what the condition the frame is in?

  2. See inside post under Question#1. Yes the frame has been patched by the inspection mechanic to pass PA Inspection. Steel plates where welded for strength. I had them do both R/L rear for equalization. This is a typical rust spot for these types of jeeps.