February 22, 2012

Stacey Davis-Gearz TV 2010 Ep#4,Season#4

WoW!  just saw this one on re-runs.
Stacey Davis is my kind of guy.
Really like his shows on "How tos!"
Done the easy way and most affordable for us Garage guys/Gals.

Finally someone telling you the truth!
                                         Cash for Clunkers...Debacel!
                                    Stacey David.com/episodes/clunker-show

And that is why we are on a Mission to Save all the Jeep Grand Wagoneers
and Jeep (J-10/20 ) from the Scrapyards.

So  keep "Saving those Jeep Grand Wagoneers"!  YA!YA!

PS: Very good Upgrades for improvements to your truck's/cars performance on a low budget. It's at the end of the show.

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